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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is one of those things that not many people know too much about it. For those who are familiar with it, the crawlspace is usually the last thing they want to invest for home improvements until they an issue arises. Some clients call us when they have mold growth, foul smell inside the house, issues with allergens, or even pests, such as rodents, nesting under the house. Outlined below are the basic features and benefits of crawlspace encapsulation along with a link to successful projects we’ve completed.

Here are the basic features of a crawlspace encapsulation:

  • 100% Coverage of the ground with a vapor barrier
  • Seams and junctions of vapor barrier sealed
  • Sealed crawl space vents
  • Insulated foundation walls and band joist (usually)
  • Conditioning of the crawlspace air

Some benefits of crawlspace encapsulation are:

  • Better air quality in the crawl space, which means better air quality in the living space
  • Greater energy efficiency. Studies have found nearly reduction in energy use in homes with a conditioned crawl space.
  • Fewer critter problems
  • Greater durability of floor, HVAC equipment, and other components in the crawl space
  • Greater comfort in the home because of reduced humidity and crawl space temperatures close to living space temperatures

A greater benefit would to include the application of spray foam along the crawlspace walls. (see our spray foam projects by clicking here).

Check out one of our SUCCESSFUL projects (click here)

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