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Little Rock Ordinance Testing

Little Rock New Construction Energy Efficiency Ordinance

Effective Oct 3rd, 2018, all residential new construction for single family and multi-family structures require duct systems to be tested prior to certificate of occupancy.   Blower Door test are required for spray foam insulated structures.

Duct Leakage Testing

Duct leakage testing is performed by pressuring the duct system to measure pressure loss often caused by disconnects in the system or gaps created during installation.   Leaky duct systems result in inefficient operation of the HVAC system (i.e. higher utility bills) and may create moisture issues, rooms that are too hot or too cold along with air quality concerns.  Click HERE to learn more.

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is utilized to measure the air tightness of buildings.  Homes built with air tight construction techniques and materials limit energy consumption, moisture and condensation problems especially prevalent in this climate zone, as well as determine how much mechanical ventilation may be needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality.  Click HERE to learn more.

City of LR code mandates that testing be completed by a qualified technician using a Duct Blaster testing application.   Testing must be performed by a HERS rater, BPI BA or AR HVACR Association certified duct tester.


We offer both package and stand-a-lone pricing for Duct and Blower Door testing.  Our Total Energy Package offers builders and home owners the benefits of Energy Modeling, Manual J Load Calculation, Duct and Blower Door Test along with a Duct Seal Guarantee.   Separately these services cost over $1,100 but can be purchased together for $695 per home.  Please contact us for multi-family pricing and services.

What is Energy Modeling

Our certified HERS Raters use the latest energy software to model your home’s energy consumption based on the planned materials and construction techniques being utilized.  Through this evaluation, our Energy Consultants work with builders and home owner during the design phase to optimize each home’s energy consumption to achieve the lowest possible utility bill possible while creating unbelievable comfort.  This service also includes a Manual J load calculation to customize your HVAC system for your home.

Manual J Load Calculation

Manual J is the first step in the design process of a new heating and air conditioning system. By following the Manual J methodology, our energy consultants are able to accurately determine the total amount of heat that is lost through the exterior of a home during the cooler months, and the total amount of heat that is gained through the exterior of a home during the warmer months.  Properly sizing your home’s HVAC is a critical component to the long-term comfort and of your home and will minimize common problems seen down the road.  Especially higher than normal utility bills and decreased comfort.  See more about the importance of properly sizing your AC unit HERE.

Duct Seal Guarantee:  Is our commitment to you that your home will pass the LR energy code ordinance and minimize delays in closing.   Our guarantee is provided on every Total Energy Package and includes labor and materials to remediate leaky duct systems.  It does not include adding drops or replacing duct runs.  In-order to qualify for the guarantee, builders must ensure our energy consultants have access to perform rough-in inspection.

About Home Energy Rx

Located in Little Rock, Home Energy Rx has 7 years of residential energy efficient construction experience and has administered over 5,000 Duct and Blower Door test in AR.  Our staff meets the qualifications of the LR code and is ready to assist you with your code compliance and energy modeling.