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2014 Arkansas Energy Code

AEDC_EnergyOffice4c1Effective on January 1, 2015 Arkansas put into effect an amended version of the 2009 IECC.  The amended code removes the requirement for building air infiltration testing and for duct leakage testing.  The amended code also changed the upper tier of 14 counties in NW Arkansas from Climate Zone 4 to Climate Zone 3.  This change removes the requirement to insulate slabs, reduces the amount of attic insulation, and allows less efficient windows to be installed.

In September 2012, the City of Fayetteville, AR adopted the non-amended 2009 IECC, along with the requirement that all new homes receive a HERS Index, as a means for determining compliance, and also as a way to help create more market awareness of the value of energy efficient homes.  All new homes in Fayetteville, AR are tested for building air leakage and duct leakage.


The RESNET-approved software we use for HERS ratings also enables us to determine and document IECC code compliance.  Pricing is the same as a standard HERS rating.  Pricing for individual homes is based on square footage.  For production builders doing multiple builds of the same plan, or for multi-family applications, the price per unit drops significantly.  Contact us for specific price quotes.