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energy savingsOur mission at Home Energy Rx is to improve the energy efficiency in both new and existing residential homes and multi-family properties. Whether you are a single-family homeowner or a property manager, we strive to help you in any way we can, which includes our Energy Savings Blog.

The Energy Savings Blog is our way of sharing:
  • Educating you on energy-efficiency tips and advice
  • Do-it-yourself improvements and how-to guides and videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • And successful projects and case studies

It contains 100% original content written by our expert staff members and not copied from other sites.

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DIY Blueprint for Weatherizing Your Home

I really wish money grew on trees or that we could all print our own money. We can’t but I can tell you that insulation and weatherization are two of the best ways you can save money. In… Read More

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Quick Guide: HERS Index Score

Written by Rafal Olan The “Home Energy Rating System” (HERS) is a nationally recognized system for an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency.  This includes protocols for inspecting a home, various testing methods, and all the calculations needed… Read More

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Quick Guide: Analyzing Your Utility Bill

This week’s article comes from one of our senior energy auditors, John Matejka (read his bio here). He’s been in the industry for years so he really knows his stuff. He picked a great topic that has great… Read More

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