5 Ideas for Energy Saving Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost here. Perhaps you’ve already got it in the bag, or maybe you’re still toiling over the perfect gift for mom. At Home Energy Rx, we are all about saving energy. We’d like to share some ideas to help make mom’s life more convenient, allowing her to save both time and energy. Give her something she can benefit from now and in the long-run. We have some energy saving gift ideas which both your mother and Mother Nature would appreciate:

1. Tackle Her Spring Cleaning

If your mom hasn’t had time to start her deep cleaning this year, lend a helping hand and do it for her. Let her kick back and relax while you handle the yard work, scrub down the kitchen and bathrooms andr vacuum the carpets. Be sure to clean off all vents and change her air filters. Dust will build up and impede the airflow within the home, resulting in higher energy bills.

2. Light Up Her Life With LEDs

You are mom’s pride and joy, the light of her life – but are the other lights in her life costing her extra? Walk through her house and switch out all her outdated bulbs with LEDs. Updating her lights with energy efficient bulbs will save her a bundle. She won’t have to worry about replacing them again any time soon since LEDs can last as much as 25x longer than their incandescent counterparts.

3. Celebrate Mother Nature

If you’d like a fun activity you can do with mom this year, get outside and honor the mother of us all – the Earth. Planting a tree or other flora can increase mom’s curb appeal and raise her property value while creating a sustainable environment and healthier planet at the same time. Properly placed trees can also reduce the need for air conditioning and thereby save some energy as well. If mom doesn’t feel like playing in the dirt herself on Mother’s Day, it’s always a great idea to visit a state or national park and explore the nature trails. Spending time in nature is a known to boost endorphin levels, improving both mental and physical health.

4. Upgrade Her Electronics

If your mom isn’t tech savvy and still living with outdated technology, help her out by upgrading her devices. You can start by switching out her old thermostats for programmable varieties. By converting to automated ones, she won’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature whenever she leaves the house. You can also trade out her regular power strips for smart strips. These have timers and sensors which power off appliances when they aren’t being used. These gifts can even be paid for through incentives, and may cost her nothing, but will save her a ton of time and loads of money on her energy bill. Save big with คูปองคาสิโนยูฟ่า.

5. Ensure Her HVAC System Is Summer-Ready.

Temperatures are rising and the oppressive summer heat will be beating down on us before you know it. Give mom a gift she can enjoy not just right now, but for months and years to come. Sign her up for a free home energy assessment to ensure her HVAC system is running at peak efficiency. A leaky system will have her overpaying on energy bills – but it doesn’t have to be that way! She may even qualify for incentives from her utility company to cover the costs of any needed improvements.

Mother’s Day is about showing mom how much you appreciate everything she does, and its a great time to do something for her. Don’t let her exhaust herself trying to figure all of this out on her own. Not only can you reduce the energy she would have to personally expend, but by acting on ideas above you can also reduce the energy she is using from the planet. Saving time, money and energy is always a well-received gift.

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