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Home Energy Rx is a green company specializing in home energy assessments, certifications and energy efficient construction services for new and existing homes. Locally owned and operated, HERx is passionate about providing outstanding customer experiences through the education of energy conservation and the explanation of how consumers play an important role in reducing the demand of energy while benefiting from services that reduce utility cost as well as increase comfort.

What We Do

What We Do

Home Energy Rx employs certified building scientists who provide solutions to improve energy-efficiency in homes. We do not recommend any improvements that do not scientifically and financially make sense.

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Step 1.
Home Energy Audit

Step 1. Home Energy Audit

Our certified energy auditors run complete efficiency tests to measure home air infiltration and duct leakage. Wall, attic & crawlspace insulation levels are evaluated to ensure adequate coverage.

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Step 2.
Energy Improvements

Step 2. Energy Improvements

Moving forward with energy improvements that make sense financially is a major step towards an energy efficient home. We can help in many ways to complete improvements to your home’s energy efficiency.

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Step 3.
Efficient Behavior

Step 3. Efficient Behavior

As a homeowner, there are some things you can do to substantially help conserve your energy usage. Home Energy RX will guide you though the many ways you can have a greener home and a smaller carbon footprint.

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“Home Energy Rx has been a vital partner in the construction of our multi-family projects by ensuring the design and development goals of health and sustainability are carried out in the field.  Your testing services have uncovered several important issues that would have gone undiscovered otherwise.  When identified, Home Energy Rx has worked in harmony with contractors and designers to address issues during construction, resulting in better projects.”
Jeremy Hudson, Partner & CEO, Specialized Real Estate Group, Fayetteville, AR